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Jonah the Painter

terms & conditions


1.1. Jonah The Painter is the trading name for Iona Enterprises Pty Ltd, Contractor, of 201 Oak Road, Kirrawee NSW 2232, being a member of the Master Painters Association.

1.2. Client refers to the property owner, client, customer or whoever has contracted for our services.

1.3. Works means the Scope of Works described in our quotation and which is subject to these Terms and Conditions.

1.4. Products means all paint and materials used for the Works.

1.5. A reference to “we” or “our” is a reference to Jonah the Painter. A reference to “you” is a reference to the client.



2.1. In providing the quotation we have relied on information and instructions provided by you.

2.2. It is your responsibility to ensure you have provided us with the correct information beforehand.

2.3. Our quotation will remain valid for ninety (90) days from the date of its issue unless we agree otherwise.

2.4. If the date for commencement of the Works changes to after 90 days from the date the quotation is issued then a new quotation will need to be provided.

2.5. Prices are in Australian dollars and are exclusive of Goods and Services tax (GST) unless otherwise indicated.

2.6. All quotations are non-negotiable unless we choose to offer a discount.

2.7. The quotation must be signed and a copy sent to our office prior to the Work commencing. We reserve the right to cancel a quotation if the quotation has not been signed and returned or if the deposit has not been paid.

2.8. In accepting our quotation you are deemed to have accepted our Terms and Conditions.



3.1. A deposit of 10% of the quotation may be requested before commencing the Works.

3.2. All deposits are non-refundable under any circumstances.



4.1. A final invoice will only be issued after the completion of the Works and must be paid within seven (7) days from the date the invoice is issued.

4.2. An extension for payment of an invoice will only be considered if prior arrangements have been made with us.

4.3. We reserve the right to request and receive periodic or progress payments during the job for amounts agreed between you and us.

4.4. Any agreement for periodic or progress payments must be reached before commencing the Works and form part of this agreement.

4.5. Any invoice outstanding after seven (7) days, from the date that the invoice is issued, will be handed to a registered debt collector. Any costs associated with this process will be claimed from the Client.

4.6. Interest of 5% will be charged daily on any unpaid amount for any invoice outstanding after seven (7) days, from the date the invoice is issued, until the invoice has been paid in full.



5.1. We will endeavour to complete the Works on time however completion of the Works is subject to weather conditions and circumstances out of our control and for which we accept no responsibility for any such delays caused.

5.2. We reserve the right to an extension of time to complete the Works due to adverse weather conditions. Start dates and completion times are subject to weather conditions that may be unsuitable for the painting of and/or preparation of painted surfaces.



6.1 We reserve the right to suspend and/or terminate the Works for late payment of an invoice.



7.1. The number of coats of paint stated in the quotation will be the minimum number of coats applied in order for the Works to be completed.

7.2. The number of coats quoted for will be based on colour choices similar to the existing colour unless otherwise agreed.



8.1. We reserve the right to alter and change Products used on the Works without prior notice.

8.2. All Products remain the property of Jonah the Painter until all invoices are paid in full.

8.3. We reserve the right to remove any unused Products from the work site before, during or after the completion of the Works.

8.4. We do not accept responsibility for yellowing of any gloss enamel products.



9.1. During or after the Works, we may take photographs of the Works that will remain the property of Jonah the Painter.

9.2. Unless you state, in writing, that you do not want such photographs used we will be entitled to use any photographs taken for advertising and marketing aids, including but not limited to, placing those photographs on our website, Facebook, Linkedin and in our portfolio.

9.3. We undertake that no names or addresses relating to the Works will be disclosed.



10.1. We offer a minimum seven (7) year warranty on our workmanship and the products used.

10.2. Any warranty claims must be lodged with our office in writing.

10.3. If for whatever reason a claim arises due to Product failure or defective workmanship we will rectify the defect and we will pay for the paint and Products used to rectify the defects together with all labour costs.



11.1. Our quotation is based on there being no unforeseen, undisclosed or latent defect as at the time of providing the quotation.

11.2. We accept no responsibility for any work carried out by us that is altered, touched up, tampered with by the property owner or any third party. All warranties are void in this case.

11.3. We accept no responsibility for choice of colours. If you change your mind after choosing a colour you will be responsible for all costs, including but not limited to, labour costs and the costs of purchasing additional Products.

11.4. We do not warrant:

(a) substrates that have not been previously sealed with oil pigmented sealer. These substrates include but are not limited to plaster ceilings, walls and cornice;

(b) the fading, peeling or blistering of dark colours on external projects, dark colours include reds, blues, greens and blacks. Warranty is not offered for line marking and pool painting; and

(c) cracking, settlement cracking, water stains, rust, peeling ceilings, previously painted surfaces that have not been sealed using oil pigmented sealer.



12.1. We reserve the right to pass on any price increases from our suppliers as and when such price increases occur (refer to the Variables section of the quotation).

12.2. You are responsible for all colour and finish choices. We can only offer suggestions which must be only relied upon as a guide.

12.3. Whilst all care will be taken to protect your property and possessions, you are required to remove or protect all fragile, special and valuable items.

12.4. You are required to carry out general preparation of the work area.

12.5. If you are aware that the work area may be unsafe you are required to notify and provide details to us before commencing, or at any time during, the Works.

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our COVID-19 safety update

22nd April 2020

To our valued clients,

We are writing to advise you of Iona Enterprises t/a Jonah The Painter’s response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and ask that you work with us and together, we can be responsible and do our part to try and help prevent this virus spreading further, through our business practices.
Management continues to communicate with staff and clients with any updates or issues that may arise due to COVID-19.

To date we have the following procedures in place, some of which have been part of our company policy in the past. Staff and management will be guided by the health officials, the Government’s and Master Painters Australia’s’ advice. We also value any input regarding any policies that you may have implemented in your residence, business and or offices to prevent the spread of this virus.

We have advised our staff that if they are unwell with any symptoms such as fever (high temperature), cough, sore throat or shortness of breath (finding it hard to breathe) – please contact us immediately, do not attend work and seek medical advice.
Health checks are carried out each morning where each staff member checks and records their temperature as well as identifying if they have any other symptoms of COVID-19.

If staff become unwell while they are at work, they are required to leave immediately and seek medical advice. Staff have been instructed to not return to work until they have been given the all clear from their doctor and a medical certificate will need to be provided. 

If staff do stay home from work, it is recommended that they remain in their residence and adhere to current government restrictions and isolation procedures. We have advised our staff that if they have been in contact with a person who has been infected with COVID-19 within the last 14 days, it is advised that they do not return to work until after 14 days of exposure to that affected person, and only if they have not developed any of the COVID-19 symptoms listed above. If they know that they have been in contact with someone who has been infected with COVID-19, they should seek medical advice and to not return to work until the doctor has given them the all clear. They will also need to notify us if they have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.

We have advised our staff to practice safe hygiene, social distancing and follow the advice of health officials. We have also supplied them with information on how to safely wash their hands, sneezing and coughing etiquette as well as social distancing requirements that need to be followed.

We have supplied our staff who will be working in your residence with the following: hand sanitiser, liquid hand soap, wipes, hand towel, gloves and face masks. All staff that work at your residence have completed an eLearning course in infection control training – COVID-19.

We have also advised our staff, that if they are concerned regarding a client being unwell or if they are concerned for their safety whilst at a client’s residence, they are to contact management to discuss the situation and we will work with you the client in providing safe practices to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Our priority is to be responsible and do our part to try and help reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 and to prioritise the health and safety of our employees and our clients.

In the event of this virus further spreading, staff will meet again to discuss further action that we may need to take, from the advice of health professionals, the Government and Master Painters Australia.

For us at this stage our approach is “business as usual”, however if this changes in the future and the virus has affected any of our staff or clients we will notify the relevant persons.

We require that if you are showing any symptoms of COVID-19, tested positive for COVID-19 or if you have been in contact with anyone who has had, is suspected of or who has tested positive for COVID-19, that you advise us before any work is commenced.
We also require that you advise us if you are showing any symptoms of COVID-19, tested positive for COVID-19 or if you have been in contact with anyone who has had, is suspected of or who has tested positive for COVID-19 within 14 days after us carrying out work at your premises.

We thank you for your assistance in the above and if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact myself.

Kind Regards,

Michelle Iona