Eye Safety

Eye safety In conjunction with National Sunnies for Sight Day, we thought that this week’s painting safety tips should be about Eye Safety. While painting please endure you wear suitable eye protection. They can come in the form of glasses or goggles – especially when sanding or spray painting. Also remember to wear protective sunglasses with […]

Ladder Safety

Ladder safety This week’s painting safety tips are all about Ladder Safety. Always check the ladder before you use it to make sure there is nothing broken, cracked, or bent. Keep your hips in between the side rails of the ladder, never over-extend or over-reach in either direction whilst painting. Always keep three points of […]

Asbestos Safety and Painting

Asbestos safety & painting This week’s painting safety tips are all about Asbestos Safety and Painting. Asbestos is a hazardous substance that can risk your health and the health of those around you if asbestos fibers become airborne. Plan ahead to avoid disturbing materials containing asbestos, always prevent creating any dust and follow the correct […]

Obstacles and Hazards

Obstacles and Hazards This week’s painting safety tips are all about Obstacles and Hazards. Look around the area to be painted for any hazards. If possible, instead of painting around obstacles remove them. Painting in uncluttered areas is safer and more efficient. You’ll get a much neater and more professional finish if you remove any […]