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Jonah The Painter offer colour, finish and product guidance and advise based on our professional expertise. All of our work is thoroughly prepared and we always use quality materials. We will thoroughly prepare before applying any paint. This can include but are not limited to such things as cleaning surfaces, removing mould, removing wallpaper, repairing cracks, remove flaking paint and sanding.

Along with our experience and proficiency, we use a wide range of finishes, products, techniques and colours to help achieve a professional result. We offer a service whereby, the manager will come and inspect the job prior to completion to ensure that you are happy with the results. Another person’s eyes looking over the job is a useful tool to pick up any areas that may need attention.


what we strive for.

The team at Jonah The Painter strive to be the best by offering a professional, trustworthy and friendly service. We are proud that our clients know our excellent work ethic; we are honest, reliable, hardworking and efficient. Our promise to you is to do all we can to ensure that your painting experience is pleasurable from your initial call through till the completion of the job. 

Our mission is to always go the extra mile to make our customers happy! We choose to only undertake one job at a time so that the focus is always on the task at hand. This helps us to adhere to the quoted completion time’s accuracy. Should any variances to the completion time arise these will be immediately discussed with you – there are some things however, such as the weather that are out of our control. We will endeavour to adhere to the quoted completion timeframes.


what we endeavour to do.

Although painting is a “disorderly” process, the team at Jonah The Painter will aim to minimise the disruption to your home or workplace and complete the work as soon as possible. We will respect your property and leave your home as tidy as we found it. You can be assured that the quality of our workmanship and service will always produce professional results.

Touch-Ups are unfortunately foreseeable. Such things as irregular lighting and different times of the day can show different aspects to the painted surfaces. We encourage you to have a good look around in the 2 weeks following the completion of the job and we would be more than happy to come back and attend to any touch ups that were our responsibility, at no additional charge. 

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Communication is the key and we are more than happy to discuss any ideas or concerns that you may have before, during and even after the completion of the paint job. Simply fill in the form and we can chat further. 

our COVID-19 safety update

22nd April 2020

To our valued clients,

We are writing to advise you of Iona Enterprises t/a Jonah The Painter’s response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and ask that you work with us and together, we can be responsible and do our part to try and help prevent this virus spreading further, through our business practices.
Management continues to communicate with staff and clients with any updates or issues that may arise due to COVID-19.

To date we have the following procedures in place, some of which have been part of our company policy in the past. Staff and management will be guided by the health officials, the Government’s and Master Painters Australia’s’ advice. We also value any input regarding any policies that you may have implemented in your residence, business and or offices to prevent the spread of this virus.

We have advised our staff that if they are unwell with any symptoms such as fever (high temperature), cough, sore throat or shortness of breath (finding it hard to breathe) – please contact us immediately, do not attend work and seek medical advice.
Health checks are carried out each morning where each staff member checks and records their temperature as well as identifying if they have any other symptoms of COVID-19.

If staff become unwell while they are at work, they are required to leave immediately and seek medical advice. Staff have been instructed to not return to work until they have been given the all clear from their doctor and a medical certificate will need to be provided. 

If staff do stay home from work, it is recommended that they remain in their residence and adhere to current government restrictions and isolation procedures. We have advised our staff that if they have been in contact with a person who has been infected with COVID-19 within the last 14 days, it is advised that they do not return to work until after 14 days of exposure to that affected person, and only if they have not developed any of the COVID-19 symptoms listed above. If they know that they have been in contact with someone who has been infected with COVID-19, they should seek medical advice and to not return to work until the doctor has given them the all clear. They will also need to notify us if they have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.

We have advised our staff to practice safe hygiene, social distancing and follow the advice of health officials. We have also supplied them with information on how to safely wash their hands, sneezing and coughing etiquette as well as social distancing requirements that need to be followed.

We have supplied our staff who will be working in your residence with the following: hand sanitiser, liquid hand soap, wipes, hand towel, gloves and face masks. All staff that work at your residence have completed an eLearning course in infection control training – COVID-19.

We have also advised our staff, that if they are concerned regarding a client being unwell or if they are concerned for their safety whilst at a client’s residence, they are to contact management to discuss the situation and we will work with you the client in providing safe practices to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Our priority is to be responsible and do our part to try and help reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 and to prioritise the health and safety of our employees and our clients.

In the event of this virus further spreading, staff will meet again to discuss further action that we may need to take, from the advice of health professionals, the Government and Master Painters Australia.

For us at this stage our approach is “business as usual”, however if this changes in the future and the virus has affected any of our staff or clients we will notify the relevant persons.

We require that if you are showing any symptoms of COVID-19, tested positive for COVID-19 or if you have been in contact with anyone who has had, is suspected of or who has tested positive for COVID-19, that you advise us before any work is commenced.
We also require that you advise us if you are showing any symptoms of COVID-19, tested positive for COVID-19 or if you have been in contact with anyone who has had, is suspected of or who has tested positive for COVID-19 within 14 days after us carrying out work at your premises.

We thank you for your assistance in the above and if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact myself.

Kind Regards,

Michelle Iona